Shuttling between MOA and BGC for Run United

I was ready to go ballistic when I read this news:

We are also providing free shuttle service for all 21k finishers from MOA back to BGC starting 6:00AM until 9:30AM only. Shuttles will leave the designated pick-up point every 15 minutes.Designated pick-up point: OCEAN DRIVE (in between ECOM Bldg. and Blk 12) at the AM Mall of Asia complex. Drop-off point: In front of Riovana Store in Fort-BGC.Runners are recommended to plan their transportation in advance given that the 21k is a BGC to MOA route.

What?! Does this mean that there will be no transportation from MOA to BGC for the race start as promised? I was obviously pissed! Runrio is already getting a lot of flak about their rising registration costs (You can read the backlash here). I wanted to park at MOA where I can immediately drive home after a grueling 21K, not get crammed inside a bus with other tired runners!

Fortunately, as clarified via their hotline, there will be shuttles for the 21K runners from MOA to BGC but only from 230am to 330am. This means that you can still park your car at MOA and have the shuttle transport you to the starting line at BGC.

Update: Runrio’s site has been updated.

We are providing free shuttle services for all 21k runners from MOA to BGC starting at 230am. This service will be available at 15 minute intervals until the last trip scheduled at 330am. After 3:30am, the next shuttle service to BGC will only be available starting 630am, at 15 minute intervals, with last trip scheduled at 930am. No shuttle services will be provided after 930am.



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