Thoughts on Run United 2

A few months back, I wrote about Run United 1 and commented that Runrio was getting sloppy.  I have to say that Rio de la Cruz and his Runrio team have made efforts to improve on the experience with Run United 2.

For one, the hydration stations were plentiful and more than adequate.  I’m not just talking about the number of hydration stations.  In Run United 1, the tables were short and, as a result, runners would crowd and jostle to get their drinks.  This time, in Run United 2, the tables were much longer.  I’d say that the table lengths were close to 50 meters long!  I could run past several impatient runners converging at one edge of the table and grab my drink where runners have already thinned out.  And one big improvement was that there were hydration stations in both sides of the road.  Runners don’t have to dart from one side of the road to another.

Though I had not personally experienced it, there was confusion in RU1 on the handling of the baggage for the 21K runners.  I heard that the handling was much improved in RU2.

It looks like the organizers do pay attention to comments and feedback!

One final thought.  The timer at the finish line was not correct.  When I crossed the finish line, the timer did not match the time registered in my Garmin watch.   The difference was around 10 minutes.   In fact, the thought that entered my mind as I approached the finish line was not that I had achieved my wish for breaking 2 hours in a 21K run, but rather that I must be in the wrong lane!

Runrio clarified this with a statement in their Facebook page:

We would like to acknowledge and apologize for the discrepancy of the finish line timer/clock for the 21k race category. Truth be told, there was an instance that the timers and tarps/signages on the arcs had to be taken down due to the strong winds and heavy rains at MOA. While the 21k runners are assembling at the BGC the staff at MOA were busy reinforcing the arcs for increased safety of runners. While the 21k first wave had their gun start, the timers are at that time being reinstalled back at the arch. This might be the reason why the timer went out of sync with the timing mats. But this should not be a cause for major worries because our official time will be the ones captured by the chronotrack timing device (via the timing mat). The very early morning rain at the seaside area of the MOA has given the setup of the race super challenging. That is why safety was prioritized to ensure that while we decided to continue with the event, utmost safety measures were put in place for the benefit of our running public. Thanks everyone for your understanding. Official Race Results, with the correctly recorded finish times will be published as expected within this week.

It’s not a big issue for me.  I rely on the published race results anyway.  Now I hope that it didn’t screw up the recorded chip times!


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