Not in the list

To my sadness and dismay, my name isn’t in the reserved list for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.  The fact that I found this out during the gloomy weather brought about by the Pedring typhoon didn’t help my spirits.  Yes, I was looking forward to this because I needed the motivation to get through a full marathon.

But I am the type where a setback just further fuels my drive.  The TBR Dream Marathon isn’t just the only marathon in town.  I frantically searched the race schedule databases of and  I have now set my eyes on a goal—the Condura Skyway Marathon on Feb. 5, 2012.  That gives me 4 months to get into marathon shape!



TBR Dream Marathon

I’ve always dreamed to run a marathon. So this may be my ticket to achieve that dream!  The Bull Runner Dream Marathon is a marathon aimed at first-time marathoners.  If you’re longing to run the epic 42K but need the extra motivation, then this event is it.  I like it that they will supply training plans, invite you to participate in monthly runs, and provide all sort of support and motivation during the event itself. Only 500 runners can sign-up so I am eagerly awaiting for when the registration will be open.