My Vibrams survived Corregidor

Despite the advice of the race organizers (they advised to bring running shoes and not racing flats), I went ahead and used the Vibram Five Fingers KSO for the Corregidor International Half-Marathon.  These babies went through hell and back! I sloshed through mud and puddles, pounded on concrete roads, climbed up steps, navigated through rocky terrain, strode through grassy fields.  

Do you need expensive running shoes?

Lots of people, especially those who are new to running and wish to purchase their first pair of shoes, go to “marquee” sports shops to buy running shoes.  Prices in those shops range from P4000 to P6000.  I recommend instead to go to bargain shops and sports outlets.  These shops would carry last year’s “obsolete” models.  There’s no reason to get the latest, supposedly more advanced, running shoe.  In fact, there is some research that people may even be better off without running shoes.  The funny thing is that today’s P5000 shoe becomes next year’s bargain P2000 shoe only because a new model was released with small incremental changes, if any at all.    For example, a few months ago, Adidas launched a new set of Climacool running shoes.   The shoes came in “in a wide variety of exciting and vibrant colourways” like “fresh pink, intense green, sun yellow, radiant gold and red.”  The price?  P4,795.   Just today I came from The Sports Warehouse in Market Market and I found an older ClimaCool running shoe that was half that price.  I suspect that there is no major difference in the features.  The sole still looks the same.  The shoes still had the same type of laces.  It still has that ClimaCool material, the “unique Adidas-owned technology which offers the benefit of 360 degree ventilation.”  All this techno-jargon is hype.  Hype is what drives the running shoe market.  These shoe companies want us to believe that the newer models are technologically superior than its predecessor.  They use mumbo-jumbo terms like ultra-light polyutherene mesh and make us believe that the cushioning is based on NASA rocket science.    The only difference between the old and the new is that the new model has a different color scheme.  Would that justify the difference in price?