Rain running


It rained heavily on Tuesday, July 3.  It wasn’t the rain that one would associate with a typhoon, but it was an incessant downpour nonetheless.  Despite that downpour, I decided to do a run.

People probably think I’m crazy.

This was a rain that resulted in floods over Metro Manila and caused school officials to call off classes.  There were deep puddles of water in our subdivision and when cars would splash water on me as they passed me by.   But I was on the road, my music player strapped to my arm in a waterproof housing, and all I had was a cap to protect me from the drencher.  Dark clouds loomed over the horizon. The air was cool.  The rain drops were refreshing.

I love running in the rain.

I don’t know why people believe in that running in the rain results in colds.  My mother would strike the fear of God in me by saying that getting wet in the rain leads to pneumonia.   When I was in college, we would run in the rain and would hardly get sick.  Years ago, in my mountain biking days, we would get drenched by heavy downpours and would hardly get a sniffle.

So unless there is a thunderstorm, or the roads are flooded, I am not going to let rain stop me.


One thought on “Rain running

  1. Yes sir I do believe that we can run while running. I also continue my run when it rains. But I guess they are also right that we might get pneumonia.. I think it depends on how we breath while running or working out with the rain..

    I’m jayson.. If you have running apps on your mobile phone please add me on stravarun, runkeeper, mapmyrun or endomondo pro. jayson meneses from mandaluyong

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