Back again

I have two goals that I want to achieve within the year.  Break my 21K record of 2:05:52 and break my marathon record of 5:53:03. I am eyeing the upcoming Manila Milo Marathon to break my 21K record and the Run United Philippine Marathon to break my marathon record. I thought I’d chronicle that pursuit.  Who knows? Maybe somebody out there can learn from an aging (I’m close to 50 years old) runner.

The Milo Marathon is July 28. That gives me 8 weeks of training ahead of me.  Given that I am not sedentary and have been running consistently for several weeks, I suppose I can jump into one of these training plans midway.

(Photo courtesy of Nicole Cho)


Milo’s 21K is NOT 21K!

I was intrigued my several claims over at Pinoyfitness that the Milo Marathon’s 21K route is actually longer than 21K.

So I went over to MapMyRUN and plotted the route according to the route map.  Comes out that the 21K route is 25K!  Check it out here.

I checked the 2011 route map.  The 42K route this year is the same as last year, but the 21K route is different.   Maybe the organizers changed it so that it coincides with the 42K route?

I think this is unfair.  If the run is advertised as 21K then it should be 21K!  I can tolerate a discrepancy of 100 meters but a discrepancy of more than 2K is atrocious!!  There are many individuals who are aiming for personal records and who are probably joining because they feel that, based on prior 21K runs, they can beat the cutoff time of 2 1/2 hours.   My goal pace in a 21K is around 6-minutes per kilometer give or take a few.  A 4K discrepancy means 24 minutes!

Runners deserve an explanation!

Have any of you plotted the route?  If so, please share.  And spread the word if you also notice the discrepancy!

Update #1:  I asked for clarification in Runrio’s Facebook page.  They were quick to point out that the 21K was also IAAF-certified.  And checking the AIMS calendar of events the 21K is indeed listed.   So I guess that means Google Maps and MapMyRUN are the ones that are wrong.

Update #2:  Confirmed also that the 21K route of 2011 is the same as the 21K route of 2012.  The 2011 route map attached is inaccurate.

Signed up for the Merrell Adventure Run

I signed up for this one, which will be my very first trail run.  I am excited for this.  It’s something new and different.  Running around Bonifacio Global City and MOA is becoming a bore.

Registration for this event is up to May 16, 2012. For more information, go to the Facebook page of Merrell Adventure Run.

Run United 1: My 21K experience

I joined Run United’s 21K expecting to garner a personal record. My last half-mary, which was at the Go Natural Run about a month and a half ago, saw me finish with plenty of gas under the hood, and I just shaved seconds off my PR, and I wasn’t even gunning for a PR then! Days leading up to the run, I had eaten well, stuffing myself with fruit and whole-wheat sandwiches. I drank plenty of water, stayed off any alcohol, slept well, and even logged some nap time on Saturday. So I was confident that I would beat my 21K record of 2 hours 18 minutes. Yeah, yeah, that time may be slow for some of you but heck I’m pushing fifty years of age!

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Shuttling between MOA and BGC for Run United

I was ready to go ballistic when I read this news:

We are also providing free shuttle service for all 21k finishers from MOA back to BGC starting 6:00AM until 9:30AM only. Shuttles will leave the designated pick-up point every 15 minutes.Designated pick-up point: OCEAN DRIVE (in between ECOM Bldg. and Blk 12) at the AM Mall of Asia complex. Drop-off point: In front of Riovana Store in Fort-BGC.Runners are recommended to plan their transportation in advance given that the 21k is a BGC to MOA route.

What?! Does this mean that there will be no transportation from MOA to BGC for the race start as promised? I was obviously pissed! Runrio is already getting a lot of flak about their rising registration costs (You can read the backlash here). I wanted to park at MOA where I can immediately drive home after a grueling 21K, not get crammed inside a bus with other tired runners!

Fortunately, as clarified via their hotline, there will be shuttles for the 21K runners from MOA to BGC but only from 230am to 330am. This means that you can still park your car at MOA and have the shuttle transport you to the starting line at BGC.

Update: Runrio’s site has been updated.

We are providing free shuttle services for all 21k runners from MOA to BGC starting at 230am. This service will be available at 15 minute intervals until the last trip scheduled at 330am. After 3:30am, the next shuttle service to BGC will only be available starting 630am, at 15 minute intervals, with last trip scheduled at 930am. No shuttle services will be provided after 930am.


Change of plans. Am joining the Run with ME.

It’s the start of the new year and already I have to learn how to be flexible.  And accept no excuse.

I just got an SMS saying that my high school class reunion was moved from Saturday to Friday, making it extremely difficult to run the Run for Pinoy Glory.  I mean, even if I don’t imbibe copious amounts of alcohol, it is a sure bet that the party will extend to beyond midnight.  How can I wake up in time for the 5 am start?

Fortunately, there is the Run with ME event scheduled for February 8.   I really want to stick with my objective of doing long runs on the weekends leading to the Condura Skyway Marathon.  Now that I am assured of a good night sleep on Saturday, I can signup for that run, achieve my objectives,  show support for my alma mater (yes, I am an Atenean) as well as my college course (I am a proud Management Engineering graduate!), and donate funds to the Sendong victims!

Run with ME poster, a fun run to raise funds for the Ateneo College Scholarship Fund, sponsored by  the John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM), in partnership with the Management Engineering Association (MEA) and Foundation of Ateneo Management Engineering (FAME).

I checked out their Facebook page and found the map for the 21K:

Run with ME 21K map

It looks pretty awesome! The scenery will be a welcome change from the usual BGC and MOA routes.  According to the caption, the run will extend into UP and will include a run around the UP oval.   Now I am all pumped up to participate!  I’ve been participating in several Ateneo fun runs, but this will be my first time to run inside the UP campus since my college track-and-field days.

Historically, the Ateneo fun runs are not in the same calibre as the other events organized by the more marquee organizers.  For one, there are no timing chips and, from previous experience, there were not many kilometer markings.  But at least they have ample hydration stations and many run marshals.  As for the absence of a timing chip, I don’t expect to win any medals or to even establish a personal record.  It’s for a good cause.

For more info, visit their website or their Facebook page.

Run for Pinoy Glory

Run for Pinoy Glory poster
So I signed up for the Run for Pinoy Glory 21K run. This run is part of my training plan to accumulate mileage in preparation for the Condura Skyway Marathon on February 5.  I actually wanted to run the PSE Bull Run on January 8, but I have a high school reunion the night before and I may not get enough sleep for a 21K.

While the Run for Pinoy Glory says you can do online registration via Paypal, take note that it really isn’t a web-based registration process.  I did pay via Paypal and Paypal did send a confirmation mail, but because there isn’t a web form I emailed the race organizers (the email address is included in the Paypal confirmation email) asking how to complete the registration process.  I got an email response after a few days saying that I still have to fill up and email back the registration form (which you can download from their website).