Milo’s 21K is NOT 21K!

I was intrigued my several claims over at Pinoyfitness that the Milo Marathon’s 21K route is actually longer than 21K.

So I went over to MapMyRUN and plotted the route according to the route map.  Comes out that the 21K route is 25K!  Check it out here.

I checked the 2011 route map.  The 42K route this year is the same as last year, but the 21K route is different.   Maybe the organizers changed it so that it coincides with the 42K route?

I think this is unfair.  If the run is advertised as 21K then it should be 21K!  I can tolerate a discrepancy of 100 meters but a discrepancy of more than 2K is atrocious!!  There are many individuals who are aiming for personal records and who are probably joining because they feel that, based on prior 21K runs, they can beat the cutoff time of 2 1/2 hours.   My goal pace in a 21K is around 6-minutes per kilometer give or take a few.  A 4K discrepancy means 24 minutes!

Runners deserve an explanation!

Have any of you plotted the route?  If so, please share.  And spread the word if you also notice the discrepancy!

Update #1:  I asked for clarification in Runrio’s Facebook page.  They were quick to point out that the 21K was also IAAF-certified.  And checking the AIMS calendar of events the 21K is indeed listed.   So I guess that means Google Maps and MapMyRUN are the ones that are wrong.

Update #2:  Confirmed also that the 21K route of 2011 is the same as the 21K route of 2012.  The 2011 route map attached is inaccurate.


What it means to be IAAF-certified

I am naturally a skeptic. If someone makes a hyped-up claim, accompanied by much hoopla, my tendency is to research such a claim to see if it is worth all the fanfare.

And I was curious about the claim that the Milo Marathon was AIMS and IAAF certified:

For the first time in more than three decades, the 35th National MILO Marathon this year will be certified by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) and the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).”This will bring a new dimension in the country’s biggest and longest-running footrace,” said Rio dela Cruz, whose RunRio company will be managing all the 17 elimination races and the national finals set on December 11

This news item was reported by many news agencies. So why is this such a big thing?

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My Milo Marathon race kit arrived!

Whenever I register online, my biggest worry is whether or not I have ACTUALLY registered. Yes I get email confirmation but nothing beats having the race kit in hand!

So now I can breathe a sigh of relief as my Milo Marathon race kit has arrived.

Interested in joining the Milo Marathon?  Sign up here.

Milo Marathon racing bib

Milo Marathon racing bib

Milo Marathon singlet (front)

Milo Marathon singlet (front)

Milo Marathon singlet (back)

Milo Marathon singlet (back)

Booklets included in the Milo Marathon race kit

Booklets included in the Milo Marathon race kit

Register for the 2012 Milo Marathon

Yes, folks, the 2012 Milo Marathon online registration site is up!  Check it out here.

I’ve signed up for the Metro Manila leg.  It’s on July 29. Woo hoo!

According to the registration form:

  • Entry fee is P500
  • Start time is 3:00 AM
  • Cutoff time for the marathon is 6 hours after the official start

Milo Marathon 2012 (Pangasinan)

When I saw this post from, my hopes are high that the Milo Marathon will follow the schedule as I had seen over at kulitrunner.  Since there was still no official word from Milo, I was worried that all these posts about the Milo Marathon schedule were just rumors!

National Milo Marathon Dagupan 2012
July 8, 2012
Dagupan City, Pangasinan


3k Kiddie Run, 5k Fun Run, 10k and 21k


3k = P50.00 With Race Bib And Milo Singlet
5k = P100.00 For Adult/P50.00 For Students With Race Bib And Singlet
10k= P500.00 With Race Bib And Singlet
21k= P500.00 With Race Bib And Singlet

All With Corresponding Prizes


World Adventure Tours And Travel @ Csi Mall Small Atrium, Lucao District Dagupan City & Robinsons Place Pangasinan, Calasiao, Pangasinan


Contact Persons: Tes Bernardino – Contact Number 0920-557-9488;0922-879-8343; 0917-565-5214;075-523-4165


Tes Bernardino

Cutoff times

There’s been some discussion about the cutoff times for the Milo Marathon. If this year’s event is the same as last year’s, then the cutoff time for the 42K is 6 hours.  That’s 6 hours after the official start of the race.  Which means that if you are somewhere in the back of the pack, you will have to finish the run in something like 5:45.  Gulp!  Given that I ran the Condura Skyway Marathon—my first ever marathon—in 6 hours does give me pause.  Can I shave 15 minutes off my time?  It would indeed be a frustration—not to mention a humiliation—to go through the effort of running 42K only to have no recorded time!

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2012 Milo Marathon Schedule

Save the dates.  Start your training.  Here’s the 2012 Milo Marathon schedule!

1. Baguio – July 01
2. Dagupan – July 08
3. Tarlac – July 15
4. Angeles – July 22
5. Manila – July 29
6. Naga – August 19
7. San Pablo – Sept. 02
8. Batangas – Sept. 16
9. Puerto Princesa – Sept. 23
10. Tagbilaran – Sept. 30
11. Cebu – Oct. 07
12. Bacolod – Oct. 14
13. Iloilo – Oct. 28
14. Gen. Santos – Nov. 14
15. Davao – Nov. 11
16. Butuan – Nov. 18
17. Cagayan De Oro – Nov. 25
18. Finals – Dec. 09

Source: Kulitrunner

Can I do a 4-hour marathon run?

If my two previous runs are to be my guide (I recently did the Go Natural 21K in 2:17 and the Timex 16K in 1:33, both with still some gas under the hood), things are looking positive that should be able to complete a marathon in under 5 hours.

The next question will be: can I run a marathon in under 4 hours?

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2012 Milo Marathon?

Now here’s a goal worth pursuing: to be able to qualify for the 36th Milo Marathon in 2012.

Since I have no intention of participating in any road race for the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good time to brush up on my photography.  I want to take a few photographs of a running event and discovered that the Milo Marathon is on July 31, 2011.  I figured that would be a good venue to capture some images of runners, race organizers, water stations, and field marshals. Perusing through the race information,  I learned that the qualifying time for the national finals is 4 hours.  Now that caught my eye.  At my current state, I am certain that  I can’t do a 4-hour marathon, but maybe next year I can.

This means that sometime from now until about June 2012 I should break 2 hours in the half-marathon!