Rexona Run 2011: a performance review

The Rexona Run results are out, and I achieved another personal record.

I started slow, unmindful of the number of runners passing me. It’s a long race, and I have learned that it’s best to start slow and end fast. For the first two kilometers, men and women of all sorts of ages and body weight overtook me. Some of them I knew, based on their form and how their body fat jiggled, would not be able to sustain that pace. I held back my competitive drive and kept to my pace.

This was the first time I ran a race in MOA as I had frequently signed up for runs around the Bonifacio Global City area. Comparing to BGC, I enjoyed the run along Roxas Blvd. Run routes along BGC takes twists and turns; with the bulk of the kilometers along Roxas Blvd., the Rexona Run route was a much simpler route. And the final kilometers is along the same route you started with, so you already have a mental picture of how far you are from the finish line.

Versus my first 21k, I am definitely in better shape. I knew I was on the way to a new PR. My Runkeeper app was advising me of my run pace, which was a steady 6:34 per kilometer. At the final third of the race, I still had energy in my reserves. I finished strong in the last two kilometers.

Speaking of the Runkeeper app, the app was surprisingly accurate this time, probably because the route had less buildings and had less turns. I also had a backup device, a digital Timex wristwatch, in case the app dies on me.

My only frustration is that I didn’t break the 2:20 mark. I was 9 seconds short.

Anyway, here are the things I did right:

  • I kept myself well-hydrated
  • I ingested a sports gel about 30 minutes before the race, and a sports gel every hour while running
  • I kept a steady pace, holding back the urge to speed up
  • I wasn’t intimidated or disheartened by the number of people overtaking me

And what do I need to do to improve? I will need to log more training miles. A marathon is still far off. For now, my goal is to break 2:10.


Azkals or a 21K run?

The Azkals!

I am an unabashed football fan.  But now here’s the dilemma.

The first leg of the Azkals – Kuwait game is on July 24, 1230 am.  The Rexona Run is July 24, 510 am.  Assuming that the Azkals game will end at 230 am, that gives me little time to get some sleep!

Maybe I’ll sleep the whole afternoon instead . . .