About Me

IT geek working for a Philippine financial institution.   Things I am passionate about: technology, photography, and—of course—running.

I am no stranger to running, having participated in a athletics during my school years, but I admit that I was no prestigious runner then.   I am no world-class marathon runner. I am no professional athlete.  Now at close to 50-years of age,  I write this because I am sure that there are runners out there who are, like me, middle-aged professionals who enjoy running for the sake of running and for the personal challenge it brings.  And I know that there are also people who are not exactly athletes (like me), who probably believe their better years are behind them, and who want to believe that there are still mountains to climb, distances to run, and personal records to beat.

I hope you enjoyed this humble site.  Feel free to leave a note, to comment at my posts, to correct me if I had mistaken anything, or even just to say hello.  You can also follow me at @monabasolo.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi mon i also love running and im planning to organize a fun run on my alumni any suggestion can help pls do so and i also personally invite you to join us.

    • I would recommend getting a group who has had experience organizing fun runs. Personally, I don’t know of any. I suppose runrio.com would be the best but they may be the most expensive. You can check out takbo.ph and pinoyfitness.com for other race organizers.

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