CIHM photos

Corregidor International Half Marathon

After the race (and a shower and the buffet lunch), I whipped out my camera and wandered around the area to take a few shots.  My legs were still hurting so I couldn’t go far.

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I survived Corregidor!

Corregidor International Half-Marathon starting line

This was undoubtedly the most brutal, the most grueling, and the most challenging run I had ever experienced. When they said that the second half of the route was mostly uphill, they weren’t kidding!

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CIHM briefing at R.O.X.

I just came from the Corregidor International Half Marathon briefing held at R.O.X.  Just a few points I gathered:

  • Looks like this will be a challenging race.  From the presentation material, the 2nd half of the course is mostly uphill.  In fact, one of last year’s participants mentioned a “killer hill.” Gulp!
  • There will be 6 photographers stationed in what the presenter described as “scenic” sites.  Their pictures will be posted in the CIHM Facebook page (which, according to the presenter, is still closed).
  • It seems like the CIHM organizers are promoting the community aspect of the event.  There will even be a “class picture” of all the participants which will be published in the Philippine Star!
  • There will be shower stalls so runners can freshen up after the run!

5 things I dread in the CIHM 2011

At first I thought of writing about what is so exciting about the 2011 Corregidor International Half-Marathon, but this post says it much better.

So instead I decided to write about what I am most FEARFUL about the CIHM.

1.  The Ferry ride.  I get seasick easily.  Will I snap out of the motion sickness before the gun start?  Or will I be queasy when I hit the road?.

2.  The heat.  The race starts at 8:00 am, which means I will still be pounding the road at 10:00 am.  I have never run any race at that hour.   Will the heat and humdity affect me?

3.  The route.  The route is a combination of uphills and trails.  I’ve seen the uphills in Corregidor and they are steep.  And I’ve never done a trail run before.

4. The return ride. This isn’t a rehash of #1, but I heard that the organizers are forcing the participants to take the 5:30 pm return ferry instead of the earlier 2:30 pm schedule.  I’ve always been dead-tired after a half-marathon and after a long and arduous run I look forward to a scrumptious meal, a cold shower, and a comfortable bed.  Is there a place I can crash while waiting for the 5:30 pm ferry?

5. Showers. As an offshoot of #4, I hope there are adequate shower facilities.  I will be all sweaty and grimy and sticky!  Hard to socialize in that state.

More info on the Corregidor International Half-Marathon

I am sure there are people who have questions regarding the Corregidor International Half-Marathon.  What are the logistics?  The accomodations?  The ferry trip?

Here is some info as provided by the organizers.  This was taken from the email that you should receive after you register.

Race Registration inclusions:

  • Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
  • Full lunch buffet on race day
  • Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
  • 2011 CIHM Race singlet
  • 2011 CIHM Race sling bag
  • 2011 CIHM Finisher’s Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
  • R.O.X. Runners’ Briefing (Dec 3 and 4)
  • 2011 CIHM Champions Party featuring a top band back-to-back with a rave party (Dec 10, Saturday night)
  • 2011 CIHM Finisher’s Certificate

Ferry and Room Reservations Procedures:

1) After completing registration for the race, immediately contact Sun Cruises at 8346857/8346858/5275555 loc 4511 or 4512 to book for your ferry trip schedules.

2) Indicate the desired trip schedule:

From Manila to Corregidor

a) Overnight – departure on Dec 9 @ 11:00am
b) Day trip – departure on Dec 10 @ 5:00am

Return from Corregidor to Manila

a) departure on Dec 10 @ 2:30pm and 5:30pm
b) departure on Dec 11 @ 2:30pm

3) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations; 1 room per participant only). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.

4) On Dec 3 & 4 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at R.O.X., attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. Ensure to bring the printout of your CIHM Race Registration Confirmation. Anyone may pick up your kit at R.O.X. during the R.O.X Runners’ Briefing from 3pm to 8pm. They may be asked for identification and your signed authorization note.

Signed up for the Corregidor Half Marathon!

Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) 2011 poster

I’ve signed up, paid the fee, and booked the trip.  I’m running the Corregidor International Half-Marathon!

This is one race that I am really looking forward to. Besides the fact that this will be my first out-of-town run, it’ll be through the scenic and historic island of Corregidor.  Based on the concept paper, I know this will be a challenging run, with a combination of “paved uphill and downhill slopes and intermittent segments of dirt trails,” and I don’t expect to set any PRs in this course.   They claim to be “the toughest foot race in the country in terms of the course and technical rules,” with 3 “curfew points:”  you have to reach the 5K point in at most 45 minutes, 10K in at most 1 hour 35 mins, and 15K point in at most 2 hours 30 minutes.  I should be able to reach these curfew points so no worries there.

If you want to register, click here.