Should I be worried that the Merrell Adventure Run is organized by Eventking?

Eventking was the organizer of the Natgeo Earth Day Run, a run severely criticized by many, including myself.  Natgeo Earth Day run was also the run that was featured in many news articles and social media sites for its disregard of the environment.  I have several posts about the Natgeo incident in case you want to read more about it.

So naturally many runners are warning those who had joined Eventking’s latest run—the Merrell Adventure Run (MAR).  In Pinoyfitness, for example, one commenter wrote:

Goodluck sa mga nagregister. Event King did a really bad job on the NatGeo run.

Ok, maybe they did a really lousy job with Natgeo, but I understand that they also organized the most excellent Condura Skyway Marathon.  Too bad Eventking botched Natgeo—I was ready to believe that they could give Runrio a run for its money!

But should runners really be worried that Eventking is handling MAR?

In my opinion, runners have nothing to worry about provided they adequately prepare for the event.  Aside from the PR disaster involving the cup-littering incident, the one major flaw of Natgeo was the shortage of hydration stations.  This was a situation that did not happen in Condura so there must have been a disconnect between Fox International Channels, Natgeo, and Eventking.  Nonetheless, even if Eventking screws up again with the hydration station, forewarned is forearmed—ALL RUNNERS SHOULD BRING ADEQUATE HYDRATION!

This is my first trail run and it is better to be prepared.  My hydration belt only carries one flask so I should purchase a new hydration belt that contains three flasks.  My experience with mountain bike trails is that it tends to get humid, and it’s best I shouldn’t totally rely on hydration stations.   I will fill these flasks with water spiked with Oral Rehydration Salts—I find Gatorade too sweet for my taste.  I should also arm myself with a basic first aid kit—like a few Band-Aids and an anti-bacterial cream.

They say “once bitten, twice shy.”  But the fact that Eventking was involved in a poorly-organized run should not stop me from experiencing a unique trail run!