Kai Running Sandals: How to order

So fascinated was I about the “huarache”-like Kai Running Sandals that I fired an email asking how to order.  I figured that, as a worst case scenario, I could still use it as walking sandals.

I got this reply:

Our first model was the KAI Classic which was priced at P500.

The next model KAI Namid is priced at P700 which used a different type of premium leather which was softer and stronger.

The KAI Classic has been discontinued because of unavailability of the leather so only Namid is available.

With the Namid, you have a choice between:
– Namid with Phil. made rubber sole (4mm thick) = P700
– namid with Vibram Cherry rubber sole (also 4mm thick) = P1,400

Vibram Cherry is manufactured abroad by known rubber soling company Vibram and is very flexible and durable. It can last at least 5x more than the Phil. made rubber sole.  With it, the mileage of the sandals can reach up to 1,000km or more.

To order, just download and print this template: http://bit.ly/KAI_Template.  It is a blank sheet of paper with scaling information on the side.

Print 2 copies for both left and right foot.

Then follow the instructions here in tracing the foot.  http://www.facebook.com/kairunning?v=wall#!/kairunning?sk=app_4949752878

Please don’t forget to mark the one between the toes.
The holes at the sides can be approximated but the one between the toes is very important to have a good fit.

With the payment, just add P165 for LBC one-day shipping with tracking number.

Payment methods:

Banco de oro – Mandaue Branch
Account Name: Jacob Ong
Account No: 850043069


Chinabank – Mandaue Centro Branch
Account Name: OBRO Systems Inc.
Account No: 184-080131-6

I’ve received payments from international customers thru paypal but I haven’t tried it with customers from the Philippines but I’m sure it would be ok.  My paypal address is ongjacob@gmail.com


Kai Running Sandals

Kai Running Sandals

The book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall was the book that got me started on this whole barefoot running.  When the Vibram store opened in Rockwell, I drove there and got myself a pair of KSOs.  I started walking in those Vibrams, then started running and training in them, and then I used them in the Globe Run For Home 10K in April 2011.

But I still refer to it as “minimalist” shoes.  It still feels different from being actually barefoot.  Yes you can feel the hard pavement with all its cracks and creases and little pebbles and your feet feel nimble and you can wiggle your toes freely but it still feels like your feet are constricted with gloves.

I’ve always wondered about those  “huaraches” that were mentioned in McDougall’s book.  I’ve seen pictures of it throughout the web.  Then I found out that there is a locally-made version called Kai Running Sandals, hand-crafted in Cebu. Now I’m damn curious and enticed to order a pair.  It costs P500 for one pair plus P165 for shipping.  More details can be found in their Facebook page.