Running after a flu . . .

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It’s a bummer to get sick.  Flu virus can be nasty.   My joints ached.  My head throbbed.  My body was burning with fever.  I actually thought I had dengue, but a visit to the neighborhood clinic dispelled that fear.   Whew, that was a relief.

Anyway, that flu virus knocked me out for a good part of last week.  As a result, I felt it prudent to drop out of my planned Run United 10K.   Most running gurus advise that its ok to run if the cold is above the neck (i.e., head cold, cough, sniffles) but not ok if it is below (i.e., bronchitis, cough with phlegm, joint pains).  The doctor did advise me to take it easy throughout the weekend, and I was still groggy on Saturday morning.   A run may tax my system, causing me to miss out on more running days.

So everything moved by a week.  A real bummer.  I haven’t run a 10K for months and I wanted to see if I can still finish in less than an hour.   Anyway, I was able to signup for another 10K run—the 2nd Aveneue Earth Run on August 28.  That would be a hectic day—run 10K in the morning, followed by UAAP basketball with Ateneo – La Salle!