Photos: Merrell Adventure Run

Here are a couple of photos that I had taken at the Merrell Adventure Run, held at Timberland Heights, San Mateo.  The heavy rains turned the trails into slippery muck.  Runners sloshed and tumbled through kilometers and kilometers of mud and mire.  Caked in swamp-red sludge, my shoes were unrecognizable after the run.

Update: More pictures can be found here.  Feel free to like or share.


4 thoughts on “Photos: Merrell Adventure Run

  1. Loved the trail itself! My only issues were the organizers’ crappy treatment of the last 21k finishers. No shower, no food, no shuttle, no kit, no medal, no finisher’s shirt, some DNFs who quit after the first loop still got their kits and medals and everyone was already packing up when the last finishers were crossing the finish line. And to top it off, some fast finishers are saying its their fault for being slow hayys 😦 didn’t we all pay the same reg fee?

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