Excited for the Merrell Adventure Run

I stumbled upon Jazzrunner’s post on the Merrell Adventure Run route, and I have to say I am really looking forward to this one.    This will be my first ever trail run!

I also read the article from Philippine Star, saying that the route will include 5 consecutive mud pits and a 200-meter river traverse.  I expect to end this run exhausted, filthy, and caked in mud.  I have no illusions of breaking a PR here.  My thighs and calves will probably be sore and I would probably have scratches on my arms and legs.   I should probably bring a first-aid kit in my car!

Aside from Jazzrunner’s post, pictures of the route are also available at Merrell’s FB page.

Registration ends May 16!


One thought on “Excited for the Merrell Adventure Run

  1. You forgot to mention the waterfall jump and the mud pits come right after some tunnel crawls. Thumbie Remigio has a youtube video of the exciting waterfall jump in his FB page. So there is a chance we will be able to wash ourselves mid-run. However I didn’t know about the 200-meter river traverse which I first read about here just now! Looks like my poor NB 610 has no escape from a watery fate hehe

    This isn’t a run-of-the-mill trail run anymore but its now an adventure run!

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