Why do I have to go to a fricking expo?

I really want to support Runrio.  I really do.  Amongst all the run organizers, Rio de la Cruz has the grandest vision—to put the Philippines in the list of renowned international running locales, in par probably with Boston, NY, London, Tokyo, and the like.  An ambitious and noble endeavour indeed, and my hat’s off to him.

But it’s getting harder and harder to like what he does.  There’s too much focus on celebrities,  too much focus on his other business ventures, too much focus on himself.  It is coming out that these Runrio-organized events are just a means to draw runners into his ventures.

And again my patience is being tested.  Now, for me to fetch my Run United 2 race kit, I have to go to a @$%&@! run expo.  And I have to go on June 13, a Wednesday, a work day, which means I have to travel all the way to Bonifacio Global City!  And for what?  To subject myself to the the sponsors’s barrage of sales promos, pamphlets, adverts.

This is supposed to be a runner’s event, not an event where runners are forcibly herded into an environment where companies can ply their wares.  I feel I am being manipulated here.  I paid for the kit.  Why can’t I claim my kit on the day of my choosing?  In the past, I had the option of having the run kit mailed to my home address.  I felt that the additional mailing fee was worth it as I would avoid the cost and effort to fetch the race kit.

Update:  From Runrio’s FB page:  Hello everyone. There is no final advise yet on how kits can be claimed if you were unable to make it to the EXPO. But surely, RunRio will be providing an option for this to ensure everyone who registered to participate in this race can claim their kits and be there on race day.


2 thoughts on “Why do I have to go to a fricking expo?

  1. I feel the same way. Rio’s races are the best so far we have in PHL but it is really becoming more and more commercialized. Apart from the hassle for the runners to go to BGC to pick up the race kits, the “devil” to buy new stuff is right in the face because of the trade fair. His strategies are gearaed towards progressing his other business ventures and not towards the welfare of the runners. Perhaps he has to be more runner-centered. his visison has created a “monster” in himself. despite this fact, i will run the 4 races of unilab not exactly to show my support but a personal addiction to run. should i run even not a rio event, verily!

  2. I think it was mentioned in runrio that internationally, expos are held days in advance from the race itself. I feel for the runners from the far corners of Luzon, VisMin and even those flying in from other countries for just the race who are just finding out now that the claiming of kits may require a separate trip to the Metro aside from the run itself.

    I’m sure they’ll figure out something like making the pre-race hours a claiming period. If that were the case, it might become a logistical nightmare with people begging for changes in singlet sizes, sizes running out, kits running out, incomplete kit items, frayed nerves, last-minute registrants, “security breaches” and a host of other inconceivable problems popping out up to the last minutes before the gunstart. What a nightmare that would be! Let us hope not.

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