Caveat Emptor

Over at Pinoyfitness and, Natgeo Earth Run was lambasted for its ill-organized run.  That hydration stations were few and far apart is, for me, inexcusable, but it seems that a number of runners are lamenting on the absence of freebies.  With such a high price, they argued, why are there no freebies and no loot bags?

Caveat emptor, I say.  Let the buyer beware.

Remember the times when you bought a toy and it clearly said “Batteries Not Included?” If you didn’t pay attention and impulsively ran home hoping you could play with that toy and brag about it with your friends, then you will definitely be disappointed.  But is it the shop’s fault?

Caveat emptor.

In fairness to Natgeo, they made no claim that there were freebies and loot bags.  All they mentioned was a free shirt.  So I knew and expected that there would be nothing else.  In fact, the reason why I joined the Natgeo run was not for the freebies but for the route itself.

So I am a bit dismayed when runners start complaining because of the lack of freebies.  Do you run just for the freebies?

I admit that it feels good to receive a loot bag full of goodies, but that’s not the reason I run.  I signed up for a run because I want to run that distance and run that route.  Whether or not the organizers give a loot bag is just an added bonus.  As long as the race is accurately timed, accurately measured, properly marshaled, and with adequate hydration and medical facilities, then they get a thumbs-up.

And if you know that the race costs P5000 with no added goodies, and you sign up anyway, then why complain?

Caveat emptor.

Now if the organizers screw up with the run results, then that’s a different story . . .


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