On compression gear

I was hanging around Toby’s one day and was tempted to purchase compression garments.  In case you don’t know, compression garments are form-fitting garments (think cycling shorts) that claim to squeeze muscles, drive blood back to the heart more quickly, and flush out lactic acid and other exercise waste products.  This supposedly reduces swelling, increases performance and aids in recovery.   Compression garments also claim to reduce muscle vibration, resulting in less fatigue and better performance.  I’ve seem many runners use these compression garments—some wear compression shorts, others wear compression socks or cover their calves with compression sleeves, and others wear full leg-covering compression tights.

Those garments aren’t cheap.  The costs hover around the P5000 range. I withheld purchasing the item, deciding instead to do some research.

I found this:

There is a place for compression socks I think. Are they the cure all, guaranteed to improve performance? Doubtful. But there is no magic cure all, so you shouldn’t be looking for one. But they might be able to help increase recovery/decrease soreness.

I’ve seen many other sites that say the same—that it doesn’t improve performance but it may help recovery.   Good thing I didn’t fork out the cash.


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