Why I joined the Yakult 10-mile run

There are a couple of reasons why I decided to signup for the 23rd Yakult 10-miler run. One is that it is one of the longest running (pun intended) run events in the Philippines.  They say that it’s the country’s second oldest running event How many running events can claim that they are 23 years old?

The second reason is the curiosity of discovering whether or not the organizers can pull off a run at just P450.  This is probably one the cheapest running events.  Many other organizers charge close to twice that amount!

So I’m wondering: Will they scrimp on hydration stations?  Will there be less marshals? No loot bags?  I hope they don’t be frugal on the essentials—hydration, safety, medical facilities, distance and time accuracy.  Reading the comments on last year’s Yakult run, I think the organizers opted to remove the non-running fluff—e.g., photovendo, party, band.

Anyway, for those running this event, good luck, stay safe, and have fun.



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