What is meant by being a Filipino?

This post is not related to running.  So feel free to skip if this bugs you.

But I was initially peeved by a rant by Arnold Clavio criticizing the ethnicity of the Azkals, who are just coming off a fantastic victory against Tajikistan to enter the semi-final round of the AFC Challenge Cup.  In case you are unaware of the controversy, check out this video:

But in the end, I guess that’s his opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  There are people who are siding with Arnold and there are people who feel that Arnold’s comment is racist.  I probably wouldn’t go that far to say it’s racist.  I’d probably say it’s hypocritical to claim that the Azkals shouldn’t represent the Philippines when there are many personalities out there that they are quick to call as Pinoys when, in fact, these personalities share the same “ethnicity” as that of the Azkals.

So what is the criteria  for being considered as a true-blooded Pinoy?  Should we consider that a true-blooded Filipino be all of the following:

  • Born of a Filipino father and mother?
  • Born in the Philippines?
  • Raised in the Philippines?
  • Living in the Philippines?

If this be the criteria, then yes a great majority of the Azkals wouldn’t be considered Filipino.  The father of the Younghusbands is English.  Angel Guirado’s mother is Filipino but born in Spain. But then again, so would the following people, who we are quick to consider as Filipinos:

  • Actress Anne Curtis – born in Australia; father is Australian
  • Actress Marian Rivera – born in Spain; father is Spaniard
  • Singer Martin Nievera – raised in Hawaii, high school education from Clayton Valley High School, California
  • American Idol contender Jessica Sanchez – born in California; father is Mexican-American
  • Boxer Nonito Donaire – lived in the US from age 11
  • Boxer Brian Viloria – born in Hawaii
  • Tennis player Cecil Mamiit – born in California
  • Comic Rex Navarrete – raised in California
  • Singer Billy Crawford – raised in USA
  • Singer Jaya – father is Jamaican
  • American Idol contender Jasmine Trias – born in Hawaii
  • American Idol contender Camile Velasco – raised in Hawaii
  • Actor Sam Milby – born in Ohio
  • Actor Troy Montero – born in the US, father is American, mother is Filipino but also US-born
  • Actress Assunta De Rossi – born in Italy
  • Actress Alessandra De Rossi – born in UK
  • Actor Derek Ramsey – born in England, father is British

I mean let’s call a spade a spade then, and let’s not—pun intended—move the goal post just to suit our own opinions.


One thought on “What is meant by being a Filipino?

  1. Do you think that he is trying too hard to be a Filipino? Do you find it humorous? Do you treat him with more respect since he is obviously trying so hard to fit into Filipino culture? Do other Filipinos make fun of him in Tagalog so he doesn’t understand?

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