Where are the run results?

This has been a perennial question for me: Why does it take so damn long for organizers to publish the run results?

More than one week has passed since Run United Leg 1, and yet no run results have been published.   I don’t understand why the information cannot be timely released.  I know the info is there.   Heck, the guys over at Runrio proudly declared that you can get your run results via SMS, so the info must be stored in some database somewhere.  What’s keeping them from releasing it? What’s holding them back? Are there technical issues or limitations?  Are there still some manual processes in collating all the data? Are there issues on data accuracy?

I may be over-simplifying things, but if a race is done by Sunday, the organizers should be able to assemble the results the whole day Monday.  And even a rough, preliminary, unofficial tally would be ok.

I would love to hear from the organizers on this.  And I’m not referring to just Runrio but to all race event organizers.  Especially those who utilize those RFID chips.  Maybe they can explain the process behind it and what their problems are.  Who knows?  Maybe a solution can be found by soliciting feedback from runners.

I know my site does not have critical mass as that of other more renowned bloggers and thus it is doubtful that race organizers would be reading this, so I request readers to pass this around.  Post it in your site, link to it,  put it in your Facebook wall, or tweet it.  Just as we runners demand hydration stations and road safety, we should likewise demand timely and accurate results!

Update: Just minutes after I posted this, Unilab has released the results.  Still, my plea stands.  It shouldn’t take more than a week to release results.

Update 2:  I checked the results and I’m surprised that they misspelled my name.  I remember going to the nearest Toby’s and entered my information through Runrio’s iPad application so I am sure I spelled my name correctly.  Do the organizers re-enter the names?


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