Go Natural Run 2012 video

I got a mail from no less than the President of Nattural Quality Corporation, the company responsible for the successful Go Natural Run 2012, which was held on January 15, with a link to this video:

I have to say that it’s a nice video.  It did a good job of capturing the fun and the festive atmosphere of the event.  What I especially like is that it shows all types of runners—the elite as well as the average runner.  It truly shows that running is an event for everyone—young and old, famous and the not-so-famous, slim and rotund.   It shows what goes on in a running event—the warm up, the starting gun, the finish.  You get a glimpse of the hydration stations.  And you see the joy and satisfaction of people who finished the run.  When I viewed that video, it made me reminisce about the fun I had.

And, most important, it makes the viewer aware of diabetes and promotes the use of ampalaya as treatment against that dreaded condition.

And I contrast it with the video below, which seems to be more of a video of Riovana, Piolo Pascual, and Rio de la Cruz.  It’s a nice video of you want to claim that you ran with celebrities.


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