Which “Earth Run” to join?

What?  There are two “Earth Runs?”  And both are just one week apart?

Earth Run 2012

Ok, there’s the Earth Run 2012, scheduled on April 15, 2012.  The good thing about this run is that it is very affordable. Those who were bitching about P900 running fees can take solace in the knowledge that the registration fee for the 21K is just P400!  And if you register before April 1, the fee is P350!  The fee includes the usual singlet and RFID tag.  16K and 21K finishers get a medal.

If you want to register for the Earth Run 2012, visit the following outlets:

Chris Sports Outlets:
– SM NORTH ANNEX – 441.1075 (from March 15 until April 13, 2012)
– GLORIETTA 3 – 818.6136 / 818.6124 (from March 15 until April 13, 2012)
– MEGA MALL – 633.4946 / 633.1659 (from March 15 until April 13, 2012)
– GOTESCO GRAND CENTRAL – 363.3738 (from March 15 until April 13, 2012)

1. Pay thru BPI C/A 4080 0028 37 MAR SPORTS & EVENTS CONSULTANCY
2. Fax registration form & deposit slip thru – (0632) 363.0357
3. Call or send an SMS to confirm – (0917) 392.8343

For more details, visit this link.

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012

Now to further confuse things, there is another “Earth Day Run,” this time by National Geographic, to be held on April 22, 2012.  Yes, those two Earth runs are just one week apart!  If you are like me who doesn’t run two events on two consecutive weekends (it’s inviting injury), then you will have to pick one.  If you were bitching about P900 registration fees, then you are sure to go ballistic over the Natgeo run—it’s P1150!  The difference is probably because the Natgeo run includes a “EDR Technical Shirt.”  I first thought EDR stood for some exotic material type, only to figure out that EDR meant Earth Day Run.  LOL.   (Source)

Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012 21km route

The 21K route of Natgeo Earth Day Run 2012

Personally, I am leaning towards the Natgeo Earth Day Run—even with the exorbitant price—for no other reason than that the route is similar to last year’s Mizuno Infinity 21K run, where I ran my first 21K.   The usual 21K routes in Bonifacio Global City snakes you around International School and British School, and very few 21K routes in BGC take you through Bayani Road, where you get a glimpse of the Manila American Cemetery’s row of white crosses and the Libingan ng mga Bayani with its sprawling green fields.   While the route does not have many twists and turns as the other 21K routes, this is by no means an easy route—Lawton Avenue and Bayani Road have its share of rolling hills.  The Mizuno Infinity Run was my first experience of hitting the wall, having caved in at the 18km mark, and I am curious to see how I fare.

Oh, and Natgeo’s Earth Day Run has online registration!



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