Looted bags

(Photo credit: Anders Sandberg)

I first encountered this story from Pinoyfitness but it’s also available in Runrio’s Facebook page (but strangely not in Runrio’s webpage).  I don’t know the facts nor the full story.  All I have are anecdotes, comments and complaints of runners not getting their loot bags.  The story seems to be that some people made out with the loot bags.

Here the responses from Runrio:

Dear Run United 1 21k Runners,

We sincerely apologize for those who were not able to get their finisher items today.

Based on our initial discussion, there was a breach of security resulting to lost of items. While we are investigating further, we take full responsibility of what happened.

We guarantee that you will receive your 21k items as soon as we are able to finalize the timelines with our suppliers and process.

A representative from RunRio will contact each and everyone of you and will revert to you as soon as possible.

Again, our sincerest apologies.

RunRio Inc.

And this is from Coach Rio, again taken from the Facebook page:

Greetings everyone! As a president and owner of Runrio i would like to apologize for what happened. I take full responsibility of everything. Our sponsors are not responsible for the short comings. I would like to thank them especially Unilab and Powerade for the support and understanding. I also want to say thank you and commend our staff who dedicated their time for the event. I just came from mass this afternoon and i prayed for the runners who did not get their finisher’s kit/shirt and asked for forgiveness and understanding.I prayed for the runners who took advantage of the situation, runners who are dishonest and greedy. non runners who stole our stocks in the middle of the event.I prayed for non registered runners /bandit who got water, Powerade, banana, sponge and got mad at me when I asked them to run at the sidewalk and I kindly asked them not to get the supplies along the route. I also prayed and ask for forgiveness for my staff manning at the finishers kits who made mistakes. I forgave all of them and I personally apologize on behalf of these people for the runners who got affected during the event. I really want to have a perfect race, unfortunately I am not perfect and there are some instances that I cannot control. I hope you will give me a chance to redeem myself. I will guarantee that runners who weren’t able to get their kits will receive them.i really appreciate all the feedbacks and I will take into consideration all your comments. The success of the event is because of your continuous patronage of our event. Thank you so much. The good thing about this, is we are continuously learning and there is room for improvement.

I feel for the runners who didn’t get their loot bags.  While I really don’t give much importance to loot bags, I know there are people who do and there are people who expect a loot bag, especially with what they perceive as a high registration fee.  I can imagine their frustration in surviving a long gruelling 21K run only to find out that there is no reward for their effort.  I left as soon as I got my loot bag so I am not aware if there was any kind of ruckus.

In fairness to Runrio, these things do occur and I’m glad that they came out clean almost immediately.  I am sure they didn’t plan for this to happen.  Let’s hope that the aggrieved runners do get their loot bags or that they get compensated for their anguish.


2 thoughts on “Looted bags

  1. In the end, I think its less about the loot bags and more about the organizer’s promises not being kept specially to the ones who paid the full 900 and didn’t get what they were promised at the finish line 😦 kudos to runrio though for the swift statement. They’s still a close second to Condura in organizing and still up to international standards when it comes to route-keeping, in my opinion.

  2. someone in runrio fb is trying to justify taking lots of kits:

    Stephen John Caballero Villanueva
    “nakonsensya lng yun malamang o kaya nahuli kaya binalik na lng.haha pero ok lng kumuha ng maraming kits para sulit ang binayaran mo sa registration. the fee is a total rip-off!”

    They’re starting to come out of the woodwork. Its sad that there are so many people with mindsets like this and only care for themselves at the expense of other people 😦

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