Training for the Milo Marathon

First of all, here’s a disclaimer to all those who found this post through Google or Twitter.  If you were expecting some training plan or some words of advice from an experienced marathoner, you will be disappointed.  I am pushing 50 years of age.  I am hardly an elite runner.  I can hardly even describe myself as an experienced marathoner, having just completed only one marathon, with an ignoble time of 6:01.  But if you wanted some honest anecdotal rants and quips about running a marathon from a normal, middle-aged runner, then read on . . .

A few months ago, my goal was the 21K and all my training was geared towards that distance.  My plan then was simple—just run about 4 or 5 times a week, do one really long run, and insert a few kilometers of speed work.  Now my sights are fixed on the next big marathon: the 2012 Milo Marathon Metro Manila elimination leg.

Assuming the rules don’t change, the Milo Marathon elimination leg will pose an interesting challenge for me.  Gone are my ambitions to qualify for the finals.  My objective for this run is not only to finish, but to avoid the cut-off time of 6 hours and hopefully not get swept off the course.

My biggest change in my strategy is to have a more structured training plan.  As I mentioned above, my training plan was haphazard and carefree.  I ran whenever I felt like running and ran a distance of whatever I felt like covering.  Now I have set weekly goals with the objective of upping the mileage week-after-week.     Throughout the web I have read advice that I shouldn’t increase distance or weekly mileage by 10% a week.  I also read somewhere that you should take a break once in a while (say, every three to four weeks) and cut back on mileage.   With this, I plotted my training plan.  It isn’t too detailed—just a weekly distance goal and the distance of my longest run.  This week, for example, my goal is to cover 45 kilometers and my longest run will be 13 kilometers.  Next week, I hope to cover 48 kilometers with my longest run being 15 kilometers.   My peak will be around middle of July, where I hope to cover 73 kilometers in a week with my longest run being 37 kilometers.  Gulp!




One thought on “Training for the Milo Marathon

  1. Hi Mon, these training plan is too much for me. What i did for my first marathon, I only run on weekends (21k) and only once (maybe 10k) middle of the week plus the workouts that i mentioned in the 21k section of your blog. I do my work outs anytime of the day maybe 3 to 4 times a week and when i felt like doing it before bedtime. That’s all. I believe that the body need to regenerate after a long run of say 21k. Remember, Bistek Bautista and the other elite runners did not finished the last Milo marathon in December because they have not recovered fully yet from their stint in the ASEAN Games in November. And that’s a month or close to a month after when the Milo run was held in December!

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