Learnings from my first marathon run

Now that I have finished my first marathon, it is time to look back, reflect on that experience, and find out what I should do differently to make my next marathon a less agonizing experience.

1) Build up mileage.  I’ve read here that a beginner marathon running aiming to finish and/or to break 4:30 has to handle 55 kilometers  a week.  I did some calculation: assuming I do 20K on a weekend, that means I have to do at least 35K within the week.  Hmm, 4 days of 10K is definitely doable.

2) Long slow distance runs.  Again, looking at the same source of information, my long slow distance runs should be 30 to 35 kilometers.  Gulp!  At a pace of  8:00/kilometer, that means I will be running in excess of 4 hours!  Now that is tough.  Not to mention damn boring.  If only we had more 32K races out there . . .

3) Start out slow.  I could comfortably maintain a 6:30/kilometer pace in a half-mary so, for my first marathon, I had figured that a 7:00/kilometer pace for a full marathon should be doable.  I was wrong.  I was depleted with about 20K left in the Condura Marathon, so for the next marathon I will have to hold back and run a 8:00/kilometer pace for the first 21K and then pick up the pace in the second half.


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