Timex 16K

From the time I signed up for the Timex 16K run I knew I was going to best my previous time.  The last time I ran a 16K was at the Condura Skyway run on February 6, 2011.  That was my very first 16K.  Before that I was doing 5Ks and 10Ks.  Back then, the reason why I signed up for a 16K was to maximize the experience of running atop the Skyway.  As a side note, two of my friends who had never signed up for an organized run were running a 10K.

For this 16K run, I had already a few half-marathons notched on my belt.  I figured I should be able to maintain a 6 min/km pace.  What surprised me was that not only did I maintain that pace (my unofficial time, which is definitely a new PR, is 1:33:52, which translates to a 5:52 per kilometer pace), I still had more gas under the hood.  I went balls-to-the-wall in the last 2 kilometers and I still felt strong!  I didn’t have that weary, wobbly, rubbery feeling in my legs.

Here are my split times:

I know that my split times are laughable to the elite and otherwise serious runners, but I’m close to 50 years of age and I’ve rarely been able to sustain such a pace for 16 kilometers.   Such is the beauty of running—I can still show improvement despite my age.

Now that I have proven to myself that I can sustain a sub-6 minute pace, the question is: what would be my marathon pace?


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