One month to go

One month from now, on February 5, I will be running my first marathon.  Undoubtedly I am filled with excitement and anxiety.  Here are my five top questions that are nagging me as I approach D-day:

1) Will I finish?

I have to.  And I will. Failure is not an option.

2) What will be my time?

My goal, first and foremost, is to finish.  But in the back of my mind, I do want to finish with a decent time. I hope I can finish below 5 hours.

3) Will I cramp up?

Recent experience (i.e., my 32K run and my CIHM run) had shown that I am prone to cramping.  I’ve been doing some web-research on how to prevent cramping, and yes I’ve been adding training routines that would hopefully strengthen my hips and calves (perennially the areas where I experience cramping seizures).  But as they say, proof of the pudding is in the eating.

4) Will I run a marathon again?

When I first crossed the finish line in a 21K run, I swore never to run a half-marathon again.  3 weeks later I ran another 21K!  I suppose the same thing will happen—I will run the Condura Marathon, then, maybe after a few days, I’ll begin planning my second marathon to beat my time, especially if I didn’t meet my 5-hour goal.  Much more if I miss that goal by just a few minutes!

5) What gear should I use?

Should I change to traditional running shoes? I have been running using Vibram FiveFingers, the longest distance being 32K, but I’m still wondering if I can survive the long 42-kilometers using minimalist foot wear.  But now is not the best time to change a routine.

Should I use compression shorts to reduce cramping and delay any fatigue?  Do those things actually work?


One thought on “One month to go

  1. Stumbled upon this website through a Google search – a wonderful read, thanks! Good luck for your marathon – I’ve started training for my first attempt at the Perth City to Surf Marathon (Australia) in August.

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