Updating Twitter and Facebook via Siri

So the new iPhone 4S was launched in the Philippines about a week ago. What does that mean to us runners?

For one thing, you can use the new iPhone 4S’s Siri to update your social networking feeds! This means that you can update your Facebook status and tweet while running . While this may not be appear to be such a big thing, consider this: you can keep your friends, family, and other supporters updated in real-time of your racing status. You can post something like “Just passed the 10 kilometer mark and still going strong!” or “I’m exhausted, cramping, and I still have 3 kilometers left!” What’s more, after finishing a race, you can review your posts and relive the experience.

But first, a slight caveat. You actually can’t directly update Facebook or Twitter using Siri. But since you can send tweets and update your Facebook status through SMS, you can use Siri to send SMS to Twitter and Facebook.

The instructions below apply to Globe subscribers. Sorry, SMART and SUN users, I am only familiar with the Globe text commands, but I am sure the other providers have something similar.


1) You first have to register your mobile phone to Twitter. For GLOBE subscribers, send TWEET REG to 2363.

2) Then create Twit as a contact in your iPhone’s address book and enter 2363 as the phone number. (Don’t create an address book entry with Twitter as the contact name. For some reason, it confuses Siri)

Now you can tell Siri to send an SMS to Twitter. For example, you can tell Siri “Send SMS to Twit. Tweet I’m tired” and the tweet “I’m tired” will appear in Twitter!


1) Go to your Facebook page and go to Account Settings. Click on Mobile.

2) Register your mobile phone. Facebook will send you a confirmation code to your phone and asks you to enter that confirmation code

3) Create Facebook as a contact in your iPhone’s address book and enter 2933 as the phone number. This is Globe’s Facebook number.

Now you can tell Siri to send an SMS to Facebook and it’ll appear as your status.

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