Two months to go

The Condura Skyway Marathon is 2 months away, so from now until then I have the rack up some serious mileage.  And, as I mentioned before, I’m running the marathon in the hope of finishing within 5 to 6 hours.  I think I will up the ante and try to finish under 5 hours!

I have to start racking up some serious mileage.   But finding time has always been a challenge, so I will resort to my “accumulated fatigue” plan: string together two consecutive long runs and, to find the time for at least one long run a week, signup for 21K runs.

The runs I plan to join are the following:

I plan to do 21K runs for these except for the Timex Run where I will do a 16K.  It’s been a while since I ran a 16K and I hope to make a go for a PR.  That will be my last serious run until the February 5 marathon.  That gives me about 2 weeks to taper off.

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