5 things I dread in the CIHM 2011

At first I thought of writing about what is so exciting about the 2011 Corregidor International Half-Marathon, but this post says it much better.

So instead I decided to write about what I am most FEARFUL about the CIHM.

1.  The Ferry ride.  I get seasick easily.  Will I snap out of the motion sickness before the gun start?  Or will I be queasy when I hit the road?.

2.  The heat.  The race starts at 8:00 am, which means I will still be pounding the road at 10:00 am.  I have never run any race at that hour.   Will the heat and humdity affect me?

3.  The route.  The route is a combination of uphills and trails.  I’ve seen the uphills in Corregidor and they are steep.  And I’ve never done a trail run before.

4. The return ride. This isn’t a rehash of #1, but I heard that the organizers are forcing the participants to take the 5:30 pm return ferry instead of the earlier 2:30 pm schedule.  I’ve always been dead-tired after a half-marathon and after a long and arduous run I look forward to a scrumptious meal, a cold shower, and a comfortable bed.  Is there a place I can crash while waiting for the 5:30 pm ferry?

5. Showers. As an offshoot of #4, I hope there are adequate shower facilities.  I will be all sweaty and grimy and sticky!  Hard to socialize in that state.


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