Signed up for the Corregidor Half Marathon!

Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) 2011 poster

I’ve signed up, paid the fee, and booked the trip.  I’m running the Corregidor International Half-Marathon!

This is one race that I am really looking forward to. Besides the fact that this will be my first out-of-town run, it’ll be through the scenic and historic island of Corregidor.  Based on the concept paper, I know this will be a challenging run, with a combination of “paved uphill and downhill slopes and intermittent segments of dirt trails,” and I don’t expect to set any PRs in this course.   They claim to be “the toughest foot race in the country in terms of the course and technical rules,” with 3 “curfew points:”  you have to reach the 5K point in at most 45 minutes, 10K in at most 1 hour 35 mins, and 15K point in at most 2 hours 30 minutes.  I should be able to reach these curfew points so no worries there.

If you want to register, click here.

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