Thank goodness for coding

I haven’t been true to my training goals last week.  I’ve been sleeping late and then was stricken by a nasty cold.  Or maybe I was just plain lazy and finding every excuse not to hit the road.  Take Saturday, for example.  I planned to do an easy 30-minute speed workout just to limber up for a Sunday long run, but I was so tired after the Ateneo – NU basketball game that I flopped on the bed and dozed.  The sudden downpour on Sunday also dampened by planned long run.

So thank goodness there is coding.

For those unfamiliar with “coding,” it refers to the Number Coding Scheme that restricts cars around Metro Manila depending on the last digit of one’s license plate.  The coding hours are 7am – 7pm, so in my case, my coding day is Monday, which means I have to be out of the road and parked at the office by 7 am.

Coding gives me the chance to squeeze in a run.  And since the office has a gym and shower facilities, I can easily freshen up after the run.  I have no excuse not to run.  Yes I would be sleepy and groggy when I leave the house but by the time I get to the office parking lot I am awake and alert.  Our office is located at Macapagal Avenue, so I have quick access to the Mall of Asia area, which is devoid of traffic in the mornings and hence is a natural haven for runners and cyclists.  Now all I have to contend with is the traffic and the vehicle fumes along Macapagal Avenue.


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