Thoughts on Earth Run 2011

This 10K run was supposed to be a “tune-up” run.  I ended up feeling competitive and finished with a 57:27 time.  Not bad considering I just came back from the flu and wasn’t able to do any running since Wednesday. Race results–unofficial as of this writing–can be found here.

Some gripes about the way the race was organized:

  • Sound system needs improvement.  Not only was the audio volume barely audible,the audio was fluctuating.  During the warm-up phase prior to the run, the microphone would switch on and off, which was evidently frustrating to both the instructor on the stage and the run participants.
  • No countdown before the gun start.  Just BANG! and the run was on.
  • No kilometer markings.
  • I read in Pinoy Fitness that there was a shortage of marshals at the water stations.  The stations basically became “self-service” stations.

On the bright side, I like it that they supplied a race number belt instead of the usual safety pins.  And the 10K route did not snake around Bonifacio Global City.





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