Kai Running Sandals

Kai Running Sandals

The book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall was the book that got me started on this whole barefoot running.  When the Vibram store opened in Rockwell, I drove there and got myself a pair of KSOs.  I started walking in those Vibrams, then started running and training in them, and then I used them in the Globe Run For Home 10K in April 2011.

But I still refer to it as “minimalist” shoes.  It still feels different from being actually barefoot.  Yes you can feel the hard pavement with all its cracks and creases and little pebbles and your feet feel nimble and you can wiggle your toes freely but it still feels like your feet are constricted with gloves.

I’ve always wondered about those  “huaraches” that were mentioned in McDougall’s book.  I’ve seen pictures of it throughout the web.  Then I found out that there is a locally-made version called Kai Running Sandals, hand-crafted in Cebu. Now I’m damn curious and enticed to order a pair.  It costs P500 for one pair plus P165 for shipping.  More details can be found in their Facebook page.


One thought on “Kai Running Sandals

  1. Whatever reason there is for this sandal.. this is still way too expensive… my friend bought this at 3,000 (customized) but still ridiculously very very expensive…

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