Taking a break

Taking a break

I have decided to take a break from 21Ks.  In the space of two months, I completed  three 21Ks.  I’m taking a break not because I’m tired of it but because I am saving my energies and train to break 2:06 in the 21K.  Why 2:06? Because that translates to a pace of a 6 min/km, which is 10kph,   a 30-minute pace for 5K, or a 60-minute pace for 10K.   I don’t know if I can do it, but it’s best to always set a challenging goal.  It gives me focus.  It gives my training a purpose.   I have already sustained that pace in a 15k race so I figured that I should be able to sustain it for another 6 kilometers.

And I have signed up for 21K in the Adidas KOTR on October 23.   That is where, hopefully, I can achieve my goal.  I still plan to race from time to time but most probably in 10K or 15K distances.


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