Is a medal really necessary?

In my last two runs—the Mizuno Run and the Yamaha Run—I wasn’t “awarded” any medals for finishing the 21K.  I heard a few runners bitch about the lack of medals in those runs.  Mizuno texted me a few days ago, advising me that I could pick up the medal in one of their outlets.

Where are the 21K finisher medals

Runrio did promise medals for 21K finishers but I have yet to receive any info where and when it will be delivered, if ever it will be delivered.

Finisher medals are no big thing for me.  I don’t join races to get medals. I don’t need a medal to prove that I finished the race.  Besides, do I have to prove that I finished a race?   I race for myself, not for other people.  I join because I want to test myself.  I have no illusions of winning a race.  And my badge of honor is my finish time.  And the things I want to know are: Did I achieve the goals I set out?  Did I beat my PR?  Did I do better than my last race?


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